The summer isnt over just yet as we were just getting warmed up at The Fling festival @ Hylands Park last month. Play with us at our next sizzling summer PlayDate London Party!
We are in a new venue in Kings Cross central London complete with roof garden, 3 floors, our own private room, great drink prices, amazing food and added bonus it’s the bank holiday -the entire venue is open until 3am with great DJ’s! You won’t want to leave.…. ♥

Although the event finishes at 9:30pm we hope that you stay and mingle, perhaps have a bite to eat and play a bit as some games will be left out till late.
Tickets start from just £15 and include all retro sweets, gifts, toys and games. We also offer discounted tickets for single people who come with a platonic single friend of the opposite sex as we strive to keep the balance even.

Eventbrite - Summer PlayDate London

Summer Bank holiday play- 22/08/2014

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