The First rule of WaterFight Club is… Have fun!
(And wear a black tshirt as we aren’t perverts…)

Our next event is a mass waterfight on a rooftop overlooking the London skyline! doesn’t get cooler than that does it?

We anticipate a great fun filled day with (hopefully) lots of sunshine. Please note that if it rains on the day we will unfortunately have to move the event to the next day- Sunday 23rd August.

Although PlayDate parties are suitable events for single people to meet, the emphasis is on fun, play and interaction and for that reason we always try to keep the number of total participants to below 30.

The Stratford Roof Cinema is a great urban space with a great play area- there will be a screening of the movie ‘Amy’ beginning at 20:30 after our event. Please purchase ticket directly from venue if you would like to stay on afterwards for the screening under the stars
Eventbrite - The PlayDate Waterfight

Next date for your diary after the waterfight will be 17th September at Bar Rumba! 

The PlayDate Waterfight on August 22nd 2015

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