We have a few exciting PlayDates coming up and you are not going to want to miss them…

Tickets are currently available for our Easter PlayDate on the river at Hammersmith. We are having an Easter/Spring themed event with tons of chocolate, personalised presents, easter eggs, bunny feet and all our usual games such as the sandpit, Lego, Connect 4, bowling, etc- and as many retro sweets as we can gobble.  Its on Thursday 24th March conveniently just before the long Easter weekend so we can party as long and as late as we want to afterwards..

Our next 2 events are over the other side of London in Hackney at one of our most exciting venues yet- we are being let loose in a brewery!! Everyone gets a boozy tour with tasters as well as our usual PlayDate, sweets and pressies and the venue even has a secret escape games room! We will be playing/drinking on Friday 15th April & Friday 6th May. Tickets go on sale over easter weekend- dont forget to keep an eye on our social media for offers, alerts and general good stuff x

Get your diaries out…. make sure you’ve got spring playtime scheduled!
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