Gone are the days of speed-dating with awkward questions and even more awkward silences.

Meet new people through creative play at a PlayDate Party. There will be sculpting, painting, drawing, crafting and possibly a bit of Lego thrown in for good measure, we guarantee a fun time. You dont have to be an artist or especially creative to PlayDate but you do need to bring along a sense of humour and we shall take care of the rest.

Our aim is to make sure that you have a fun time, meet people and also get quality playtime with each other.  For this reason we keep total numbers low (below 30) and although we always aim for an equal number of ladies to gentlemen our emphasis is not just to meet but for you to have a fun time doing it.

So I guess you’re wondering how a PlayDateLondon party works?

Its easy, we get an equal number of ladies and gentlemen, throw in some awesome toys and unusual games, a fab location, some amazing gifts, ensure everyone gets at least 5 minutes of playtime with everyone else, a bit of body paint, a big dollop of creativity and an extra sprinkling of dating dust- occasionally topped up with an afterparty and there you have it. A PlayDateLondon party.

Do people come to PlayDate parties on their own?

More than a third of attendants have come on their own and stayed to party afterwards too! Believe it or not, the act of playing, team creativity, sweet sharing and play-doh crafting makes everyone less nervous and a lot more playful.